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Get Your SaaS On Board


Hi, I’m Steph.

I help SaaS companies convert more trial users with action-focused onboarding emails.

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Bad onboarding will…

  • Leave trial users feeling overwhelmed or confused (or ghosted)

  • Ruin the opportunity to help a person with your product

  • Cost you money as you pump efforts into lead acquisition only to be met with low conversion rates

Great onboarding will…

  • Guide new users to their “a-ha” moments faster, making sure they’re hooked by the time their trial is done

  • Set customers up for long term success by helping them achieve their goals

  • Establish a relationship with your brand and position you as a valuable resource

“Steph has rebuilt our onboarding emails from scratch, and done an amazing job too. It’s not just the final email copy we’re impressed with, but the research and process she goes through.”

-Gary, Timetastic

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Onboarding email breakdowns

Best practices + examples

SaaS Email Strategy

“I reached out to Steph for help with creating an email to go out to early adopters for our mobile app for contractors. I had been following her posts, and her detailed analysis and insights were incredibly useful. They were easy to understand and to use as a guide for my own free trial email campaign.”

-Peter, Equappment

Who am I?

I’m a SaaS copywriter, email strategist, and content marketer who ended up here through some perfect storm of circumstance.

My interest in onboarding emails came from an intersection between working on email strategy projects for a marketing agency, as well as content marketing for a customer-success-focused SaaS.

I was always tasked with finding examples for email strategy projects and, frustratingly, could only ever find one-off emails. They were like really great 5-minute clips from a movie I’ve never seen - AKA they give you no context about the bigger picture.

So I started collecting entire email sequences, specifically for SaaS free trials. When people took an interest in the breakdowns, I realized this is a topic that people need help with. I use strategy and copywriting to create onboarding email sequences built for humans with goals.

Some companies I’ve blogged for

“Steph had the ability to understand our business and target audience, allowing her to make the most effective blogs, emails, and sales funnels for our marketing campaigns and SEO. She is very organized, creative, and responsive to our business needs.”

-Tyler, Sparkage

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I can’t help you with website design or social media marketing or any number of other business issues, so I won’t try. What I can do, though, is help you get your email marketing strategy on lock and write emails that your users will give a sh*t about. You’ll start with a random assortment of messages that you threw together a while back, and end up with a clear set of emails that get free trial users moving and shaking.

Here’s how I can help.

Onboarding Series Audit

If you have onboarding emails that are rough around the edges, let’s create a plan to clean them up. I’ll review your emails one-by-one (just like in the breakdown posts) and let you know what needs to change.


Custom Email Series

Need to create (or recreate) your emails from the ground up? I have a multi-phase project to plan and create free trial emails that move the needle.


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