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65+ Real SaaS Email Subject Line Examples

Subject lines are tiny but mighty details in your SaaS email marketing strategy. After all, they play gate keeper to everything inside the email.

subject line ideas.png

That’s why it sucks when you’re stuck on writing a subject line. I mean it’s just a few words - why is it so hard! You want it to be intriguing so the person wants to click, but you also avoid clickbait. We all need a little inspiration sometimes, and I’m here to fill the subject line void.

Below I’ve compiled a list of 65+ SaaS subject lines that have made their way to my inbox. To make it easier to find the inspiration you need, I’ve even grouped them by email type. BTW, you should let me know what subject lines have stood out to you lately. I’m that weirdo that collects emails.

Anyway, I hope this list of subject line ideas can help get your creative juices flowing again. Happy writing!

Lead Nurture Email Subject Lines

  • Your churn is still rising, and so is your anxiety

  • Welcome! What's your business?

  • Become an Insider.

  • You're on the waitlist. One question...

  • Your sneak preview 👀

  • fyi

  • Hey! Here's that Email Marketing Guide that you wanted (and a bonus)

  • Templates Just For You 💕

  • Here's Your Download: The Guide to User-Generated Content: A Playbook for Ecommerce Marketers

  • Did you sign up for the webinar?

  • How can we help you, Stephanie?

  • [Company] Demo Confirmation - While you wait.

  • In case you haven't heard...

Onboarding Email Subject Lines

  • Want to Get Paid Lickety-Split?

  • Jake's Thriving. You Can Too.

  • Wait, I didn't spend $300 at the taco truck...

  • Join the millions taking control of their money

  • don't lose this

  • Check in with real insights in real time.

  • Growing your business? Here's how to compete in the big leagues.

  • What rhymes with hats and helps you make better decisions?

  • Goodbye, guessing. Hello, A/B testing! 👋

  • Steph Knapp 5 year customer support strategy

  • Record it, or it didn't happen...

  • 4 templates to make your work day better

  • I’ve got your back

  • Here to answer your FAQs

  • Important: Your trial expires in 4 days

  • Get the Most Out of Your [Company] Free Account

  • We're So Glad You're Here

  • Grow your audience with Facebook and Instagram Ads

  • ...ready to get organized?

  • time is finite (how are you gonna spend yours?)

  • Steph, The Best Decisions Start Here

  • Find the perfect plan for your business

Engagement Email Subject Lines

  • [NEW] How do you deliver personalized customer service at scale? 🤔

  • Your credit score questions answered

  • How to Use Niche Marketing to Build a Business from the Ground Up

  • REMINDER: Upgrade by May 28 to Get 40% OFF

  • The 45 best user engagement tools, choosing the right product marketing metrics, and breakfast 🍩

  • How to Stop Customer Complaints Before They Happen

  • Success secrets from the experts

  • Squash the “boring” business stigma with these storytelling tips 💥

  • Overcome your video production problems (on a budget) 💰

  • Things your boss wants to know

  • How to quickly save those good reads for later

  • Newsletter | 70% of consumers prefer eco-friendly companies + See overtime laws by state

  • Newsletter | 50% Of Businesses Fail: Don't Let That Hold You Back - Tips Inside

  • Money + Relationships Roundup

  • What's New: Q1 Product Update

  • Check Out Your Amazing Stats!

  • Growth tip #3: To expand your pipeline, narrow it first

Winback Email Subject Lines

  • Discover New Tools to Grow Your Business

  • We miss you, is that weird?

  • Your Trial Is Over. It's Time to Upgrade

  • This Offer Goes *Poof* in 2 Days

  • We miss you already

  • Want your free trial extended?

  • [Last chance]: Close the feedback loop with customers

  • Warning of upcoming account deletion

  • in case you missed it…($100 off + a bonus)

  • Why Not Save 30%?

  • Same Great Features, Even Better Price

  • One more week, for free :)

  • Is Stephanie doing this?