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SaaS Email Template - Engagement

Need a template for a SaaS or B2B engagement email? Here’s one to get you started!

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What is a SaaS engagement/retention email?

Once a person has upgraded to a paid plan with your SaaS, you want them to stay happy and productive (and paying) for as long as possible. Engagement emails are the ongoing emails you’ll send to keep customers up to date. Want to learn more? Check out 35 SaaS Email Ideas to Boost Retention (+ Examples).

Engagement Email Template

Below is a writing prompt for a SaaS engagement email. Use the pointers to get those ideas flowing!

Learn about their goals

Subject Line:

Pointer: You know what makes someone feel good? Being complimented. Let your best users know that they’re your best users and that you want to learn how to help them.

Prompt: What makes your most engaged users awesome? Have they helped you reach certain goals?

Body Copy:

Pointer: Would you like to clone your best, most engaged users so that you have more and more dedicated fans who get real value from what you have to offer? Then do everything you can to learn about the ones you have now.  You can ask them to click a link to self-segment, respond to a question, or fill out a short survey.

Prompt: What don’t you know about your most engaged users? What preferences do they hold that could be used to find and connect with more potential users?

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