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SaaS Email Template - Lead Nurture

Need a template for a SaaS or B2B lead nurture email? Here’s one to get you started!

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lead nurture template.png

Day 1 - Send Resource + Related Content (100% value)

Subject Line:

Pointer: This first email should have the name of the resource they’re downloading. Or you can include your company name if you’ve received their email address from a general newsletter signup.

Prompt: There’s no need to be cute or creative here - use a straightforward subject line that includes the name they’re familiar with.

Body Copy:

Pointer: You want to use the person’s momentum to jumpstart a relationship. There must have been some catalyst for a person to want to download your lead magnet or join your newsletter, so aim to set positive expectations about your company and how helpful you are. In addition to the resource that they asked for, send some related content that they may also be interested in. You may also choose to give a heads up about the content they should expect to see from you in the coming days.

Prompt: What would be the most impactful next step for a new lead to take? Both for them and you.

Stephanie Knapp