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SaaS Email Template - Cold Email

Need a template for a SaaS or B2B cold email? Here’s one to get you started!

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What is a SaaS cold email?

While “cold email” is likely a term you’ve heard, how does it apply to a SaaS company? Software companies can use cold emails to introduce their app to potential customers or find beta testers. As the name suggests, a cold email is sent to someone who may not be familiar with you or your company.

Cold Email Template

Below is a writing prompt for a SaaS cold email. Use the pointers to get those ideas flowing!

Day 1 - Intro + Results

Subject Line:

Pointer: You can use the subject line to pique their interest with value and spark some curiosity. A simple way to personalize would be to include the company or person’s name in the subject line. Ex) <Solution> for <company> and <curiosity statement>

A subject line I’ve had success with when reaching out to potential clients is “Content for <company> + Pizza in <their city>” I then include a P.S. at the bottom asking them about their favorite pizza restaurant in their city. It’s a little way to break the ice and show some memorable personality.

Prompt: What’s one small way you can personalize the subject line to make it stand out or make them curious enough to open the email?

Body Copy:

Pointer: It’s best to start a cold email with some tidbit you’ve found about the recipient. Such as “I see you recently secured another round of funding - congrats!” This goes a long way in showing that you’ve taken time to learn about them and aren’t just spam. If you can’t find/ don’t have time to learn about them, start off with a statement about the industry that’s relevant to them, or at least a friendly greeting.

Then concisely introduce your product. I’m with <company> and it’s a tool to help <their role> achieve <result> through <feature>.

Relate to them on a pain point and then, when possible, add in a real-life result. Think along the lines of “we know <blank> is a problem for <blank industry>, and we’ve been able to help <people like you> increase revenue by x%. Please don’t lie here. If you don’t have a stat like this to share, then don’t. You can just talk about how you’re aiming to help, or maybe further connect with them on their pain points.

Finally, introduce your CTA. One example is to have them pick a time on your calendar to chat about their current business issues. Whatever the CTA is, make it specific. No “let me know if you’re interested” BS. I’ve learned “let me know” inspires basically no immediate action.

Prompt: Start crafting this email by writing your “<company> is a tool to help <their role> achieve <result> through <feature>”phrase.

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