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SaaS Email Marketing Toolkit

Want to stop second-guessing your email efforts?

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“I don’t know where to start, and i don’t really have time“

“I know we should be sending emails, but I don’t know when to send them or what to say”

“How do we know if our emails are working?”

Raise your hand if the little voice in your head has said any of the above. 🙋

It doesn’t help when you see all the stats and stories about how amazeballs email is for SaaS companies.

Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases

Email marketing returns can be $32 to $1

“my SaaS increased our lead conversion by blah blah% and we’re generally 3X better than you because of this cool email trick”

I mean, who doesn’t want that? Not to mention the fact that solid gold email sequences mean that parts of your business can grow on autopilot while you deal with everything else on your giant list of tasks and goals.

There’s also the human component. Great email helps you improve the lives of the humans using your product. They let you lead customers to success at scale.

But it only takes about twenty minutes on the internet to get completely overwhelmed by opportunities and strategies and tactics and ideas. You’re left utterly confused about how to make email marketing work for your company in a simple and manageable way.

If you’re like the awesome SaaS product marketers, customer success managers, or founders that I’ve talked to you either:

  • Create some emails, all the while wondering if you’ve done it right and whether they’re working

  • Put together an email sequence, felt a sense of accomplishment, and then realized you have another sequence to create

Fear not; we’re going to work through the confusion together.

Ya see, I love planning email marketing campaigns. I found emails to be such interesting little creatures that I started to save them. And then I began to analyze them. And then I began to share my onboarding email breakdowns with the world.

If I (a person who would willingly spend an afternoon researching email examples and strategies) couldn’t find what I was looking for, then what would a normal/sane person do?

SaaS founders, managers, and marketers started to eat my onboarding email breakdowns up…

and my writing has been featured with companies like ChartMogul and Appcues.

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I knew these onboarding email breakdowns weren’t enough, though. So I asked people just like you what they wanted to know!

From their responses came the idea for the course outlined below.

I want to create a SaaS email marketing course that:

  • Can be referenced over and over, whenever you need help on a specific topic or task

  • Provides lessons, examples, templates, and processes for creating your own email sequences

What would that look like? Here’s what I have in mind:

SaaS Email Marketing Toolkit Curriculum


  • Welcome!

  • How to Use This Course

What Makes SaaS Email Marketing Different?

  • SaaS Email Marketing vs. Other Industries

  • Using Email Across the Customer Lifecycle

Lead Nurturing - Turn Lookers Into Triers

  • Intro to Lead Nurturing Emails

  • How to Strategize + Brainstorm Lead Nurturing Emails

  • Lead Nurturing Examples + Breakdown

  • Lead Nurturing Email Templates

Onboarding - Turn Triers Into Buyers

  • Intro to Onboarding Emails

  • How to Strategize + Brainstorm Onboarding Emails

  • Onboarding Examples + Breakdown

  • Onboarding Email Templates

Retention - Turn Buyers Into Promoters

  • Intro to Retention Emails

  • How to Strategize + Brainstorm Retention Emails

  • Retention Examples + Breakdown

  • Retention Email Templates

Winback - Bring Back the Goodbyers

  • Intro to Winback Emails

  • How to Strategize + Brainstorm Winback Emails

  • Winback Examples + Breakdown

  • Winback Email Templates

Setting Up + Measuring Your SaaS Emails

  • Setting Up Sequences With ConvertKit

  • Simple Ways to Use Tags in SaaS Email Marketing

  • Which Metrics Matter

  • Goal Setting + Tracking

  • A Few Notes on Testing + Improving Emails

This space is meant for content that is going to have a positive impact on your life and business - not just more internet fluff.

So I want to make sure this course is exactly what you need.

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