Get Your SaaS On Board

SaaS Email Examples Volume 1

Big book of saas email examples

Oboarding email examples and analysis from 10 top SaaS free trial series

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10 entire free trial sequences

106 emails (with analysis)

263 days of messages

My onboarding email breakdowns and analysis have been featured by:

And now I’ve packaged up ten of my favorite onboarding email sequences.

Stacked end to end, it would take 263 days to collect all of these emails yourself.

That’s EIGHT AND A HALF months.

Luckily, I’ve been at my laptop all year signing up for free trials and breaking down every email I receive.

This Big Book is 115 pages of:

  • Email examples, all the way down to the subject line and what day and time they were sent

  • An analysis of each email’s strengths and weaknesses

  • 200+ actionable tips based on what other companies have done well (and not as well)

  • Design inspiration (plus proof that plain-text emails can work)

  • Behind the scenes look at emails from Evernote, Shopify, Wistia, FreshBooks, Gusto, Zendesk, Mailchimp, CoSchedule,, and

Not sure what to do with all those emails?

My readers have used the breakdowns to learn about onboarding emails, get inspired, check out the competition, and plan their emails.

“I reached out to Steph for help with creating an email to go out to early adopters for our mobile app for contractors. I had been following her posts, and her detailed analysis and insights were incredibly useful. They were easy to understand and to use as a guide for my own free trial email campaign.” - Peter, Equappment

Ready to impress your boss (or yourself) with all your free trial email ideas?

This eBook (slash mega PDF that takes you into the brain of a SaaS email strategist) is $20. For those without a calculator handy, that’s $0.18 per email. If even one of the breakdowns gives you an “a-ha” moment, it’s well worth it.

This guide is handy for:

  • SaaS founders who are new to the world of email marketing

  • In-house SaaS marketers who want to review examples and best practices before creating your own emails

  • Freelancers or agencies who work with SaaS companies